About E-Zone Embroidery

E-Zone Embroidery became a result of “inspiration ” founded by Katrina Hawkins in 2003. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we are continually growing and learning new and better ways to serve you in your needs.  Listening to customers and evolving with the times keeps us in today and having a strong insight into tomorrow.

E-Zone Embroidery was created (not acquired or moved to the island), built here with communities’ needs in mind

We continue to give back to communities with sponsorships and donations throughout the provinces.

We are not an overseas company.

Our diversity in equipment is second to none in Western Canada. We have 19 heads between 8 machines which enables us to do large projects and “single item orders” all at the same time. With over 300 fonts as well as a diverse product line we can help you create your own unique look. Our Outreach with expertise stretches all of BC and neighboring provinces as well as parts of the U.S. Upon completion of your order, shipping is the utmost priority to us so we can help you meet your timeline.

We are always searching for more Canadian and union made products to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Our slogan “workmanship and listening equals customers”.

About E-Zone Embroidery

We use cutting edge technologies of today and haven’t forgotten the ways of yesterday.

  • Our selection of equipment has been specifically acquired as to the ability of different machines to meet the needs of our customers. This has given us an unique advantage over our competitors. Our embroidery equipment consists of Brother, SWF, and Tajima machines.
  • Proud sponsor of Royal Marine Search and Rescue, Youth sports, Nurses for Kids, Dragon boating,  BC rodeo and many more.
  • In the past Katrina has managed Rep hockey, girls lacrosse and contributed largely to many sports and organizations.  Katrina is former member of the Angels and Demons dragon boat team.

We are a proud member of UFCW 1518.